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7 Books That Promise to Distract You From the Real World

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If you're after a book to take your mind off the dystopian reality of, well, the real world, I've got you covered.

My isolation has been jam packed with yelling, "Stop hitting your brother!!" 7,890,385,940 times each day, baking sugar free recipes with my children, stress eating said baked goods while muttering under my breath, "Why the fuck did I replace all the sugar in this recipe with grated carrot????" and trying to block out the sounds of my children long enough to read an entire paragraph of a book.

Nevertheless, I have a list of books that are light-hearted, engrossing and just damn enjoyable.

I apologise for the lack of photos... I've been consuming almost everything via ebook since the implementation of social distancing.

Fantasy / Literary Fiction

The Night Circus is the kind of book that transports you into a sparkling, magical world and holds you there until the very end. The beautiful prose, fantastical imagery and boundlessness of this reality completely captivates.

It's a long book, but it's also the kind of book that has you saying, 'Just one more chapter!' at 3am. It's the perfect way to take your mind off the real world.

New Adult / Romantic Comedy

If you're after something light, fun and happy, While You Were Reading is exactly what you need.

It's about a book lover, who is on the path to find love outside of a book. The book is set in Melbourne, and really is an ode to a beautiful city (and also to books and love, of course).

Psychological Thriller / Domestic Noir

The Wife Between Us isn't light-hearted, but I challenge you to put it down half-way through. Impossible! It's absolutely a page-turner.

Full of jealousy and obsession, with a Gone Girl kind of vibe. I guarantee this book will steal your sleep.

New Adult / Romantic Comedy

Christina Lauren's Roomies is the kind of book that reads like the perfect Saturday-night-home-in-your-PJs-drinking-wine kind of book.

A gorgeous stranger, a crush, and a fake marriage. Need I say more?

General Fiction

From the author of Daisy Jones & the Six, this is a book that completely captivates.

An ageing Hollywood icon enlists a completely unknown journalist to tell her story - a ruthless, glamorous and scandalous story beginning in the 1950s.

Psychological Thriller

Three Hours is a pacey book about a siege at a school, written in Rosamund Lupton's gripping and beautifully poetic style. There’s a tie-in to Macbeth throughout the book, as some of the students in lock down continue to rehearse the play in a sort of delirious rebellion to the gunmen; coming to realise how the play mirrors the siege situation.

Contemporary Fiction

A novel about friendship, with a cast of relatable characters, exploring the premise that people's lives are rarely how they seem from the outside. Perfect Lives will suck you in and keep your mind off the c word for a little while.

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